Please aspire to these values when you play on this site: FAQs:
Who is Robaht Uzar?
That's a fake name for 'Robot User.' He exists in order to seed the site with topics early on. If MYC started empty, with no topics, no one would come visit. The purpose of Robaht Uzar is not to lean one way or the other on any particular topic, but just to start the conversation and let users fight it out. It's the topics that will draw visitors, so the goal is to draw relevant topics from the news and online discussions. Of course, there's surely bias there despite (or because of!) my efforts to work against my own biases.
Why doesn't the site do <my favorite feature>?
There are a couple possible reasons. First, it could be on our feature backlog, and we just haven't got to it yet. Second, maybe we didn't think of it. Please share the idea in the Meta discussion.
What private information do you capture from Google and Facebook?
Only the basic information plus your email address.
Why do you need my email address?
We only use it because we use Disqus as our commenting system, and they need it to notify you about discussion activity.
How do I gain reputation?
You gain reputation when other users vote for your arguments, actions, or topics. Currently each vote counts as 10 points for a topic and 5 points for arguments and actions.
What privileges are associated with reputation?
All visitors can view all content.
Logged-in users can: like/unlike topics; like/unlike pros and cons; post arguments and actions.
Users with a reputation of 200 or more can: create and publish topics.
Users with a reputation of 1000 or more can: add/remove argument tags; vote to close a topic. Topics with more than 10 close votes are closed.
Users who reach a reputation of 50,000 automatically become moderators. The only moderator privilege at this time is voting to ban abusive users.
Only argument authors can delete them, and only if the argument has zero likes.
Certain privileges are reserved for topic authors: adding/deleting terms, changing the overview, publishing a previously created topic.
Certain privileges are reserved for administrators.
What if I think a topic's author should make some changes?
There's a free-form discussion at the bottom of each topic page. Discuss it there and offer your suggestions to the author.
What features are available in the markdown that is used for topic overviews?
We use pagedown to provide markdown functionality for overview text. It follows the CommonMark Standard. It's the markdown processor used by the StackExchange sites. They have some great usage examples here and here. The canonical documentation of all the features is hosted at Daring Fireball.
What if there's a feature I think the site should have?
MakeYourCase has a backlog of new features that we pull from to improve the site. Features that get the most attention will be moved higher in the list. Discuss your new ideas at meta

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